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The Collection
Please feel free to contact me regarding purchases,
commissions or just to chat about my work.

Dome Cloche - £350.00

Eight formations - £600.00

Midnight Cloche - £500.00

Specimen 03 - £750.00

Museum quality framing

Tilt-organism - £300.00


Proliferation 01 - £750.00

Museum quality framing

Midnight formations - £350.00

Velvet dissections - £500.00

Ondulation triptic - £500.00


About the microscopy art project


In the Victorian era, there was a traditional skill in producing microscopic slides. It was not only about preparing specimens, it was also about protecting and decorating the slides in an appealing manner. I wanted to construct my own microscopic world, and the result is a collection of mixed media miniatures put together in unusual configurations. I enjoy looking for unusual objects in vintage and junk markets. I acquire vintage frames and boxes, which I then restore and incorporate into my art projects. If you would like to find out general info about the history of Victorian microscopy, please visit these links below (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for third party content)



Furthermore, for some years I have been collecting vintage scientific objects such as medical equipment, laboratory glass and printed objects containing minutiae such as printed diagrams, stamps, tickets and general old ephemera. This now forms a large store of both source material and inspiration.

I have also been visually researching the inner workings of machines, particles, geometric forms, bacteria and natural formations. I am interested in how organic matter spreads and grows attached to something. I also find technical drawings, diagrams and representations of the microscopic, fascinating.


About the artist

I was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1969.

I was encouraged artistically as a child and loved communicating through images and words. In 1989 I earned a degree in graphic design, which encompassed traditional skills such as typesetting and hand retouching.


My first job was in a flexible packaging artwork production house, where I learnt the importance of precision, discipline, cleanliness, and attention to detail. Artwork had to be finished to perfection, literally to microscopic detail.

I also developed an interest in machines, tools and hand-craft, alongside modern digital production methods.



With an interest in travel and new experiences, I travelled around Europe eventually settling in England. After completing a college course in order to speak English fluently, I joined a CD ROM production company. Subsequently I moved on to being part of the rapid development of the internet as both full time and freelance UI designer and art director, working for leading global brands.


I enjoy making hand-crafted objects alongside my graphic design business. I love being directly in touch with materials which really satisfy inner creative impulses. Mixed media is my favourite medium, as it allows me to put to use the creative and hand craft skills I have gained throughout

the years.

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